Monday, January 28, 2013

Something About It

There is something about sitting around talking to a type 1 diabetic that makes life seem a little easier.  I mean, I love talking to all kinds of people - but when you get the opportunity to sit down with another type 1...   This afternoon I met with two of my club members, one being a type 2 diabetic the other a type 1.  Of course, we were there to talk about the club and considering it is a diabetes club we were bound to start talking about diabetes on a personal level.

Now, thankfully I have been given (like a gift!) tons and tons of type 1 diabetic friends thus far in my life. So when ever I need some type 1 time, I am never come short.  However, I feel like I don't too often reach out to meet them as much as I wish I did, so when the time comes I am grateful.  There is just something about being able to say, ' I am  having such a hard time keeping blood sugars up and eat healthy...' and then a reply of, ' I know exactly what you're talking about '  then you think to yourself ' I am not alone! '

Of course we know we aren't alone we can log into Facebook and prove 100x over that we're not alone - however it's the moments when you're face to face talking to another type 1 diabetic that you truly feel like you're understood.


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