Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Pep Talk

I watched this viral video earlier this morning called, "Kid President - Pep Talk" (maybe watch it and then continue to read!) and there was something about it that really got to me.  I mean, of course that is the purpose of it.  However, this video inspired me to keep doing what I am doing and beyond.  I mean, like he says, about stop being boring - that's exactly it.  It's easy to be boring, so easy to do things that are uneventful - but it's not because we live boring lives it is because we are creating our days based on the fact we have no motivation to do anything better.

I have had mornings where I just wanted to lay in bed and not because I was tired or didn't want to face the cold air hoovering outside my blanket, but because I was lacking motivation and the inspiration to do anything. To wake up in the morning full throttle, full of happiness, encouragement and inspiring thoughts is hard!  It's hard to imagine that a simple day much like you had the day before is going to be any different.  But, it's us who makes it different and those people in our lives that help us move along.

After watching this, I got ready for class, walked to class (despite it being rainy and miserable outside) and sat inside the classroom eager to see what today had to bring and what I could do to get everything I could out of the day.  Now, it's only three in the afternoon, but I feel as though the impact of that video has already made me feel happier about my pursuits as well as encouraged me to keep doing what I am doing.

So, hopefully you watched the video and if not watch it now!

I hope it gives you what it gave me.


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