Saturday, January 5, 2013


I always hated how in my dreams I know that I am diabetic. I probably have written this down before about a dream I had where I was trapped in a candy store and was told I could eat whatever I wanted only to reply with, "I have diabetes, I probably shouldn't..."    I always wake up thinking how I should have just ate whatever or did whatever I wanted because a dream isn't going to effect my blood sugars, right?

Well, so far most of the dreams haven't been too bad, the odd one has me waking up feeling strange about my diabetes or what have you, but it wasn't until a couple nights ago did I really experience a diabetic nightmare:

From what I remember of it, I was taking photos of a family (since I do do photography - this makes sense) but anyways, I was doing taking photos and all of a sudden I felt a little dizzy, I remember I felt disoriented and I put my leg up on the chair to balance myself out.  I remember I checked my blood sugar, seeing purple (the case of my meter is purple) and the numbers flashing 0.5 which I am pretty sure my meter would not even go that low.  Anyways, after that I remember screaming at people, but no one was listening to me and then I remember my face starting to get all strange and everything was spinning.  Then, I randomly had a jug of juice and started chugging and amazingly felt better.

Keep in mind this was just a dream! 

However, it stuck with me thinking about how scary lows can truly be.  I went through an episode of lows a couple weeks ago and most occurred when I was alone - which made it worse. I can only assume my stress over those extreme lows led me to this disaster of a dream.


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  1. Years ago, my meter told me I was 0.0 in the middle of the night. Having it actually happen is terrifying.