Sunday, January 27, 2013

Deep Thoughts

It's easy to fall into that deep place. A place where everything you wrote off as normal becomes abnormal.  Things like diabetes (of course...) because the thing is, diabetes is not a normal lifestyle, yet thousands upon thousands of us live that life forgetting about how our routines are so strange - life as a diabetic is strange. In those deep thought processes we find ourselves thinking about how odd it is that we have an insulin pump dangling between our legs at times, smacking into door handles and getting ripped out etc. We think about how annoying it is to have to see our own blood multiple times of the day and how seeing blood strip tests in places like the lint tramp is actually strange.
It's hard to escape from that place because even though in reality living life as a diabetic (not that it's a lifestyle choice...) is strange, we have to convince ourselves that it is normal, okay, and manageable because that attitude is what has kept us alive thus far.  Now, usually I write about this stuff when I am in the moment, and I am not totally having a moment like this at the moment, but I did watch a movie tonight that made me really think deep. 

The movie is called, Life of Pi and it was one of those movies that leaves you wanting to think more, know more and be more. That's exactly how I am feeling right now and as I pondered about it for a couple hours after watching it, I knew that I had to write something.  So, I started off with that blurb about going into your deep place with diabetes - and I know that we all have them because I read about it online all the time and I personally experience it every now and then.  But, when we revive ourselves from that slump it shows how powerful our mind can be and our strong we are.

I won't go into detail about what the movie was about, but I would highly suggest everyone to watch it and even better read the book (something I want to do soon!)  But, beyond that, the movie seems to have had an impact on me - thinking about how powerful we can make ourselves up to be and in turn express that with confidence by not doubting what we are doing.  Wearing our insulin pumps like it is a part of our body, checking our blood sugar like it is breathing in oxygen and not giving up because it's our life.


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