Friday, January 11, 2013

Just BE Happy

It's so typical for me to say that I have started up at the gym in January and decided to really make healthy food choices - but, whatever, I am saying it.   It's not a surprise, that I want to be healthier and that I need some improvement if that's what I want to be. I think everyone can admit for themselves as well.  However, as a student, it can be hard to find the motivation to cook actual meals since cooking something fast can be rather pleasing but in reality I've got 15 hours of class a week. Why do I think I don't  have time?

I just completed week ONE of school and did it without taking the bus once!  Approximately 5 km a day and a couple other walks were thrown in there.  I also managed to eat a freezer size bag of vegetables throughout the week and avoided things like bread, pasta, chips etc.   Really, went hard on the green tea - drinking 4+ glasses a day along with approximately 2-3 water bottles throughout the day as well.  I decided today that walking is good, but going back to the gym would be even better,  not to mention I was secretly missing dancing at Zumba.

I found this fortune on my walk home the other day.
 It caught my eye and when I read it - I couldn't help
but take it home with me. 
I do have a couple goals in mind that are jotted down so that I am reminded of them.  Losing weight has always been a challenge for me and I can't help but think about the 'reminders' I have been given throughout the years that are simply just motivating me to prove the 'reminders' wrong or in a sense feel good about myself, feel proud of who I am and never, ever worry about the 'reminders' again.   I guess you can say that this health change (not drastic, but different) is an overall happiness project.  I am a confident person I am not going to deny myself of that, but I know that I can work on being happier always, not just on 'good' days.

Having diabetes has kind of thrown a wrench into the mix by simply being diabetes.  I often think about my roommates or friends who work out or eat healthy and never have to worry about checking their blood sugar or in consequence going low or high.  Diabetes is for sure an aspect of my life that changes every simple and complex thing that I do.  I have gone low countless times this week just due to trial and error and I am hoping as time goes on - I can play around with my pump to the point I am reducing the lows.

For now, I am feeling good and finding inspiration all around me.  I am going to lean heavy on the diabetes community out there to give me tips and keep me motivated throughout the journey. I am going to try new things (like the spinach shake I had today...) and get rid of all the negativity that is in my life and just be happy.

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