Wednesday, January 30, 2013

In Check

Did you ever notice how diabetes likes to stick its face into everything you do? For instance when you want to focus in class it wants you to be high... or when you're ready to go to the gym it wants you to be low.  It seems that even when you try your hardest to keep diabetes in check, he seems to come up at all the wrong places.  Give me a high blood sugar when I am just sitting here doing nothing or give me a low when I am also, just sitting here doing nothing.. not when I am writing an exam or in the midst of a yoga class.

Of course, that is the lifestyle of a diabetic.  Having to be prepared when you aren't prepared.  Today, not sure if it was because of the unusual warm weather - but my blood sugars were kind of all over the place.  Thankfully and I am going to pat myself on the back, I haven't had a blood sugar (that I caught in the act) over 13 (234)  in the last three weeks; until today of course - when a nice 18 (324) flashed in front of my eyes.  I partly blame the weather, but I also blame these pitas I bought and funny enough I bought the pitas because I wasn't eating enough carbs and now they're causing highs.

I was in class when this happened and it was a three hour class and I couldn't seem to maintain a good focus because of it.  I corrected throughout class making it drop within the three hours but only to 14 (252) and then an hour after getting home a nice 3.3 (59) was displayed on my meter.  I had just made dinner at this time as well - broccoli soup and let me tell you, eating soup while low is a sight to see.  I ended up kind of eating those little mini boxes of smarties while eating soup and strawberries - it makes sense when you're low.

Now I was facing a new problem, I wanted to go to the gym after dinner...if you can call that dinner.  I was having a hard time getting my blood sugar to be stable enough to even drive to the gym let alone get on a treadmill and start running.   I was getting so frustrated that I threw my pump on the ground (after I disconnected) and had an apple, peanut butter and a glass of milk.  After that, I was good to go with a blood sugar of 6.3 (113) pre workout and when I got home I had a nice 5.6 (100). Mind you, I kept my pump off the entire time to be safe and also kept sugar tabs and my meter with me during my workout.

Ironically, I ran into a diabetes educator at the gym alongside a pharmaceutical rep for Accu-chek.  I sort of let them in on my frustrations, feeling compelled to tell them why I wasn't wearing my insulin pump!


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