Tuesday, January 8, 2013


What is it that makes us get up when we're sleeping with a low?  I have heard many different things from people about what gets them to wake up...probably the most interesting one was that of Nicola's - a friend of mine from school.  She told me that she dreams she is in a race with wild animals, yet always seems to lose and that is how she knows she is low.  For me, I often find myself having a restless sleep or I just suddenly wake up feeling extremely hungry.

It's scary to think that there are some that do no feel lows nor have those dreams to give them a wake up call. It was interesting because last night around 1:30 p.m I was having a strange dream; of two people talking to one another - it had nothing to do with diabetes and I have no idea why it made me wake up suddenly feeling not hungry, not low but eager to check my blood sugar.   I was in fact 3.0 and had to head to the kitchen to recharge myself having my roommate get up to use the washroom, look down the hall and say, "you low?"

After once again eating TOO much, I laid in bed thinking about the dream I had. I even wrote down the last words I remember hearing in my dream to see if they would make any sense come morning.  Looking now at what it says, I think that there is no link what so ever, and it was just something in me that woke me up.

Before I went back to bed, when I was in my right mind, tired but right mind,  I started to think about diabetics having guardian angels. As if something other than our own bodies are helping us keep strong and alive.  Reminding us when we are low, forcing us out of our bed sheets - after all who wants to drag themselves out of bed just to see blood squirt out of the fingers...  I started thinking about cases of mothers or fathers waking up just feeling like their child may need a check, a shot of insulin etc.   It made me instantly believe that there must be something.  Someone keeping check.



  1. It used to be that if I was low overnight, I would be low in my dream as well. It became scary when I woke up, I would think that I already tested and treated the low when in fact I only treated it in dreamland. Eventually I learned to check my meter's history to see if I really, in waking reality, did anything.

    Now that I'm using a CGM, I dont seem to get to that point much anymore...

  2. I never used to get any warning signs when low when I was younger nor do I now. When I was growing up I had a miniature dachshund who, when slept with me, would alert me when I was low. Now my husband does. I want a CGM but the cost of the supplies, even with insurance is too much and my doctor says no. So whenever I wake up and I'm thirsty I check because I can be 30mg/dL (1.7mmol/L)or 300mg/dL(16.7mmol/L) and be thirsty.