Saturday, January 26, 2013

Own Hands

When I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes I was heading to college a few months later in a different city from where I grew up. In fact I was heading to a city where I knew no one, not a family.  I feel like the moment I was diagnosed I didn't even question the fact that I was already accepted to go to college in the fall, I don't ever remember saying to my parents, "I don't know if I can do this..." which is a good thing.  I obviously knew that I had this disease in my back pocket...(now literally in my back pocket.) But, it makes me wonder if that is why I took diabetes in my own hands from day one.  I mean, my mom picked me up from the hospital after a nice few day stay, and we did go to the pharmacy together and pick up what felt like a suit case of supplies together and we also went to the grocery store for what felt like two hours checking the backs of boxes seeing how many carbs things had.  But, after that it wasn't long before I was doing it on my own.

It's really interesting to me when I read mom/dad bloggers who talk about taking care of their diabetic children.  I read a lot about no sleep, late nights, middle of the night blood sugar checks, birthday parties, gym classes, bad teachers, the list goes on.   It's interesting because my diabetes life was never like this.  My parents had it easy not having to check my blood sugars for me or make sure I was on top of things - really the only thing my parents had to worry about was that I remembered my supplies (and that one occasion when my mom had to drive to London to bring me long lasting insulin...)  Other than that, I have been the independent in this diabetes-Kayla relationship.

I don't know what it is like to raise a child with type 1 diabetes, and from what I have read or heard - I would say that it is a job that takes a lot of courage and strength. However, for the parents that are doing such a great job raising their type 1 children, I want to say that I know your child can achieve whatever their heart sets on and even though as a parent you may be scared to send them away to college, but from my personal experience diabetes will be the last thing to hold them back.


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