Saturday, January 12, 2013


So, it was day two of going to the gym and drinking green shakes.  I woke up feeling rather stiff - wondering exactly what I was going to do at the gym today. Not to mention, I forgot my good running shoes at my parent's house, so I am using a brand new pair of shoes (well, I bought them years ago, but never wore them...) and these shoes are killing my feet.   So, when I looked on the schedule and saw there was a yoga/pilates class - I knew that I wouldn't have to wear my running shoes and I would be able to stretch out my aching muscles from yesterdays work out!

When I woke up this morning my blood sugar was 4.1 which is a tad low for my personal liking, but I felt fine and made another one of those nasty looking green shakes that somehow taste delicious.  I figured it was a good idea to have something full of nutrients before working out and hopefully be able to stable my blood sugars.  Since, combining yoga/pilates is new for me, a new class, a new environment and a new teacher - I had no idea what to really expect as far as blood sugars dropping or rising.

I took a little less insulin for the shake and carried on my way to the gym, which ended up being a huge rush because I thought it started at 11:30 a.m and it actually started at 11:00.  I made it just on time, but didn't take the time to check my blood sugar before hand, but I knew that it was definitely not low.  About half way through the class, I felt fine, but was thinking maybe I should just suspend my pump for the next half hour - just in case!  

After finishing the class my blood sugar was 10 - which was OK.  I am thinking I can instead of suspending my pump,  just do a temp. basal! I will have to play around with it all the more I indulge in this new lifestyle I have given myself. Along with that, just before my workout as I was checking out some other websites and blogs related to fitness - I found a super neat one that I am going to attempt to use daily.

This is it:     Armstrong- MyPlate

Basically it is a food dairy that does everything for you.  What diabetics may find the best about it, is that it adds up your CARBS! It has a catalogue of food items with their nutrition value and you can select what you ate, how much you ate and when you ate it.  I found it amazing in the sense that I put in what I had added to my shake this morning and then I knew everything about it without having to do the math!

Even if you're not looking to lose weight, eat better, whatever! I think this page is a good way to just see how many carbs you're eating and possibly that could lead to figuring out how much insulin should be taken etc.   I would suggest double checking on some of the items just in case they are different, but after comparing some of the stuff I found it to be very similar to labels.

I am going to continue to explore what is out there as far as information and continue to get out there and try new things!


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