Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Keeping up

It's amazing how little amount of sugar can spike your blood sugar.  Those little bowls of candies that are now floating around the house for the holidays are sending diabetics blood sugars over the edge giving us more grief than a low in house with no food.  I have found that keeping my meter around me at all times gives me more motivation to check often.  I know I have little to no will power around Christmas for those little hershey kisses, so having a meter on hand to quickly check and bolus before the treat makes it much easier. This is when I think back to my last post and know that a Christmas on needles is much more of a stressful time than a Christmas with a pump, either you're high all the time or you're giving yourself multiple needles throughout the day, or maybe you do have will power and you're resisting those treats.

I haven't had truly amazing blood sugars in the past week and I want to blame it on going off my regular schedule of school. Finishing my last exam this past Thursday, I have been enjoying my vacation by relaxing and being with friends and family.  On Sunday, Vince and I went to the NFL game in Toronto and luckily they had really great popcorn - which usually helps with keeping my blood sugar in range.

Now, I am going to enjoy my Christmas just as if I didn't have diabetes - keeping my blood sugar in check as best as I can,  but not letting diabetes be that unwanted guest that shows up and ruins all the fun.  It's a frustrating time for diabetes to handle all the food, excitement and sometimes stress - but as well trained diabetics (which we all are!) we can handle this time of year - no problem!



  1. Yep, we're in a pretty tough time of year for blood sugar management. But I like your plan of just doing the best you can and not stressing over it.

  2. You are not even respectful enough to respond to reader comments. You have poser diabetes. You drove yourself to your family doctor on the day you were dx’d and then sat there for hours while retards are us figured out what to do? then you drove yourself to the hospital. WTAF ?? You should not even qualify for pump funding because it sounds like you have LADA. In the US, they do c-peptide testing before they will pay for a pump and yours would definitely be too high at the moment. When you are dx’d with type 1 you are in DKA or at the very least have ketones. You think diabetes is hard to manage now, try it on for size in five years
    You sound like a tard at times, in one entry you wrote one entry where you were high all day and it never even occurred to you to change your set or take a shot. When you do progress to real diabetes that kind of stupidity is going to land you in the ICU, and when you do progress to real diabetes you are going to have super high A1C’s unless you wake up. Do you even have more than one basal rate?
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    Anyways it looks like you could stand to spill some ketones, but I bet you couldn’t spill a ketone to save your life. Since you are dumb at times, I will spell it out for you ketones are the ashes of fat metabolism. And it looks like some fat metabolism would be helpful in your case.
    And to be honest you kind of detract from your credibility when you have this need to bedazzle us with cleavage in every picture. You looked pretty in your pictures with brown hair when you were 1st dx’d and skinny. The blonde hair does not look nice at all in comparison. I doubt you get good grades. Teaching is for people in social sciences with good grades. Your writing is okay but for someone who professes an interest in writing you make odd mistakes – “per say “LOL
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    you're pretty thin and good looking compared to Scott K. Johnson though. and your hair is way nicer

  3. i dunno...we all have different experiences, ways of dealing with diabetes, attitudes about it, and just ways of living with it. i've had diabetes for 12 years, had ketones countless times, had DKA blah blah doesn't matter what all you've had...there are some who are out there 40 and 50 years into diabetes...with horror stories.we're not competing, except for perhaps all together against diabetes .Kayla is one of the most inspirational people to me. we all face the disease, its possible complications and its wearying challenges...thank God for people like Kayla who choose to look at life with a positive view. who write about the daily dance with such a horrific and draining disease. Kayla, i love it that you choose to war with positivity, with courage, with laughter....with everything that opposes even the idea of diabetes much less the reality. you are amazing, encouraging, and a delight to follow!!