Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Last Hurdle

For most, these next couple weeks are the last hurdle before we can all enjoy the holidays.  For university and college students this means the opportunity to come home from dorms and student housing and enjoy their bed that has been un slept in for 4 months and devour food that they didn't have to pay for. There is no stress about having to finish a chapter for class on Monday or figure out another 500 words to cap off your essay - life is good during the holidays. Plus,  for diabetics, this means we have amazing low food to enjoy and causes of high blood sugars aren't due to late night papers, but to late night gingerbread snacks.

My last class ends on Wednesday and I couldn't be more ecstatic to be done.  Throwing myself in third year English Major was a cruel punishment on its own and being able to relax and not worry about Virginia Woolf or James Joyce will be great.  Before I can get too excited I guess I need to consider that I have two exams to write before I can fully jump up and down with glee.

I find that my blood sugars tend to not rise too much from school.  I think the main reason is that school doesn't stress me out in the same way that other things do that play more on my emotions.  I have confidence in myself that school will work out for me, the papers will get done and as long as I attended class I can't see why I will fail - I guess my positive outlook on school keeps me from losing my mind come exam season.

Personally, I am not much of a studier, and I have tried hard - it never works. I seem to do well despite not making cue cards and highlighting every second word in my textbook, so that must just be my luck.   Luckily this helps with keeping my blood sugars in check, as I would hate to go into an exam with high blood sugar or go low during an exam - I couldn't imagine!

I hope that most diabetics are able to keep calm during this time of year that are writing exams or finishing up last minute projects and essays.  The most important thing is your health and when your blood sugars are within your favourite range then you can do amazing things and feel good in the moment and not groggy and grumpy like high blood sugars tend to do to us.  

Good luck to all that are writing, studying and bolusing!


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