Friday, December 14, 2012


Ever since we entered kindergarten we have been asked what we wanted to do when we were older.  While some of us were not too sure and answered with things like tooth fairy or ballerina, others of us were little teachers or nurses in the making - knowing exactly what we wanted to do since we entered the school's front doors.  For me, of course I wanted to be a teacher - I was the oldest of cousins on my mother's side and would sit down my cousins and pretend to be the teacher for hours, testing them, marking their papers and really trying to help them as much as I could.

In high school, I wasn't really sure what I would end up being.  I was lacking motivation and really hadn't found a subject I wanted to excel it.  I mean, of course I had a great interest in writing for a very long time, but no class really allowed me to show that creative side.  It wasn't until I went to Fanshawe College for Liberal Studies that I began to get motivated and confident about what I can be and what I will do.  Since then, graduating from Fanshawe with a diploma and now completing my first semester of third year at Western - I can see a great future for myself.

Along with my love for writing - the teacher in me has a love for helping people.  I love being able to fix a problem or at least talk through one.   It was interesting, recently Michelle went to a psychic and ended up hearing a whole lot about me.  Now, I am a skeptic when it comes to psychics, but after hearing some of the stuff that was told to Michelle, I will keep my opinions on the fence.  This psychic however told Michelle that I need to be a teacher because I am meant to help people.   This was a good feeling knowing that since kindergarten I have known felt instinct about myself and that I have somehow ended up on the right track despite all of the hurtles I have gone through in life.

I have put a lot of thought into what the psychic has said to Michelle about me (there are multiple things that were said.)  Although I can't loose sleep over the readings, figuring out if I am doing things right and making sure I live up to what the psychic has said - I do want to keep focused and really keep my goals in mind since it can be easy to get deterred in this busy world we live in.


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  1. You're already teaching and helping people through this blog!