Thursday, November 1, 2012


November is diabetes awareness month and while many are growing moustaches for prostate cancer a whole group around the world is digging out their blue clothes and spreading diabetes awareness to their Facebook friends. Diabetes has always gotten slack with misinformation and false misconceptions, countless times I have been asked if I ate too much sugar as a kid or asked why I have diabetes at such a young age.    The knowledge about diabetes just isn't wide spread and although once upon a time I was ignorant about diabetes as well, now that I know I want to make sure those that are around me know about diabetes as well.

For those that have followed my diabetes since day one know what path I have taken in order to get where I am today and for those that haven't it's all catalogued on here, so get yourself a warm cup of tea and a snack and start reading. I didn't choose to have diabetes, it wasn't my lifestyle nor was it something I knew I was going to end up with.   Despite being diagnosed only 3.5 years ago in a way I feel like I have had it all my life because it is such a large aspect of my life, I can hardly remember eating without the consequences of high blood sugar - how horrible is that? 

Although, there is a lot of sad things that come with diabetes that makes people sympathize with those that are living with type 1 or those that take care of someone with type 1, diabetes does bring out an inner strength in some people - me being one of those people.  Many hurtles in life can leave you with bruises, but they also tend to leave you with strength and a bigger understanding of the world around you and that is what it did to me.

By spreading awareness this month I am not going to daunt on how many pokes I must do or how I experience highs and lows every single day, instead I want to focus on how diabetes is a disease that deserves recognition and deserves to not be tagged with false information and connotations because that is what people with diabetes are sick of more than finger pricks, they're sick of being judged for something that wasn't by choice.  

So this November learn some facts, but also pick a diabetic to acknowledge! 


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  1. Here in the US the NFL wears pink on it's uniforms to show support for breast cancer. I sent several emails, left messages on the NFL page asking them why they don't use the blue/gray with red drop of blood ribbon for juvenile onset (type 1) diabetes awareness in November. BECAUSE Jay Cutler, the quarterback of the Chicago Bears is a juvenile onset diabetic. I didn't hear from the NFL.

    Let's see if in the game tonight they have the juvenile onset diabetic ribbon on their helmets.

    IF people can show support of breast cancer, why not diabetes???