Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Odd Feeling

There is always the odd feeling when you stumble out of bed and feel like you could devour an entire chocolate cake plus some. You see, night cravings aren't uncommon I don't believe - there are many movies or commercials that have characters sneaking down to the kitchen to steal a slice of cake or snack on some cookies - but the difference is that a diabetic isn't just stumbling into the kitchen to satisfy hunger, the diabetic is stumbling into the kitchen to stay alive.

Last night I went to bed at a 5.8 b/g  and I knew that that number was borderline risky to go to bed with.  It seems if I am lower than a 7 I am bound to drop over night.  I wanted to see what would happen hoping that it would be fine.  Of course I woke up in the night, not exactly sure what time - but I woke up with a really bad stomach ache.   I got out of bed thinking I was just going to be sick, I walked to the bathroom, but felt myself growing weak and feeling like I was going to pass out.  Instantly I knew I was low, began thinking about delicious food that I didn't have in the cupboards and stood in front of the fridge not knowing what to do.

I headed to my room to check my blood sugar even though I knew that I had to be at least below a 4.  There is was a 3.3 looking back at me, and I headed for my closet where I keep the odd treat or two.  I had a box of cookies, with two cookies left, so I ate them and then sat in bed hoping my stomach ache would end soon along with the low blood sugar.  I eventually fell back asleep, just after writing in my iPhone "Going low & what it feels like to be the only diabetic in the house."  This is something I do often when good blog ideas pop into my head.

Looking back on it, I know exactly what I was thinking at that point. When I was standing in the kitchen swaying, shaking, confused... my roommates were nestled in their beds sleeping.  They don't have to get up in the middle of the night to eat because the risk of slipping away.  I do this about once a week, wake up feeling low, trek to the kitchen, open cupboard doors, and stare into the fridge blankly.  I am used to being woken up by diabetes and eating random food in my bed.


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