Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Looking at what diabetics looked like pre-insulin discovery it can really change your entire outlook on life.  It is a reminder of how lucky we are to have what we have in today's society.  The look of those that were suffering from type 1 diabetes was that of those held prisoner in the concentration camps.  Weak, sick and fragile with no hope on surviving.

One story that has stuck with me from when I first visited the Banting House last year was the story of a little boy that was dying due to the fact he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.  A picture of this boy is shown on one side of the display case at the Banting House where he looks frail - being held in his mothers arms.  On the other side of the display case, after receiving insulin from Dr. Banting, the same boy is shown plump and healthy.   This story is amazing to me... it is like looking at ghost of a child with no future, later to see how much insulin changed his life. 

I cannot imagine being told I had type 1 diabetes with a final note that I would have to be put on a starvation diet and eventually would die.   Instead, now we are told we have type 1 diabetes, but can manage it with insulin and our diet and then we are asked if we would like a pink, purple or blue meter.  My, times have changed.

It's nice to give yourself a reality check; whether you have diabetes or not.  Look at how far medicine has come, technology, transportation, academia, all of these things that have changed our lives and made things possible.  For me, the discovery of insulin - something three years ago I knew nothing about, is what makes me feel thankful and alive.  


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