Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Among Others

Anytime that I have went to an event with type 1 diabetics, for example Slipstream with Connected in Motion,  I have found myself feeing a sense of belonging in the sense that I am not the only one living with type 1 diabetes.   Obviously, I know that there are thousands upon thousands of us out there, and I can see updates on Facebook that prove this; however, it is a much different experience when you are among other people doing what usually casts you as different from your peers.

Next year I will be living with two type 1 diabetics that I met here in London along with another non diabetic and there is one more room to fill so let's say a surprise tenant at this point.   Last night I was talking to the non diabetic about how funny it is going to feel when I realize that I am not the only diabetic in the house.  I won't be the only one roaming around the kitchen at night looking for a snack, nor will my lunch bag of insulin be alone amongst the ketchup and milk cartons.

I looked at her after going off on a rant about how living with multiple diabetics will be interesting and then said something along the lines of, wait, so YOU will be the one that is different. How strange is that, a house full of students, and diabetics are the majority.  I promised her that I had never met a mean diabetic and that she will still have a great time next year despite the lacking of pancreases.

It's such a strange feeling to know site changes won't be abnormal, feeling low, feeling high, checking blood sugars, and knowing exactly how each other feels. Thinking about it, I think we will all pull off great a1c's next year since we will be constantly reminded to check blood sugars.  The support will be strong in the house and I'm sure I will have lots to blog about next year!


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