Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's Complicated

I've heard horror stories about getting old with diabetes or not making it to live old with diabetes.  I think every diabetic can nod in agreement when I say we've all heard a story or two from people telling us how their friend, uncle, brother, second aunt twice removed, died because of diabetes.  It makes us feel so good hearing those stories - not!  When I was first diagnosed I heard a few stories or two about people that lost limbs, went blind or died young, and despite hearing those stories I somehow stored them in the back of mind and forgot about how fragile the life of a diabetic can truly be.

If I always worried about going blind, I would go crazy.  To be honest, I want to forget about what can happen as much as it is some people's motivation to keep blood checking and taking insulin.   It scares me to think I may not live a full life like those that don't have diabetes. I realize my pancreas failed me at an early age, took an early retirement without permission and the thought of a body part just quitting worries me.

Recently someone emailed me that has lived with type one for 57 years.  She seems like such a go-getter, active and healthy and after hearing her story and thinking to myself, I don't do half the things this lady is doing and yet she still has ran into a complication or two. I do realize that 57 years ago, the management for diabetes was much different, but still the fact that she is living such a healthy life and still ran into complications - makes me wonder, are complications inevitable?

For me, I just hope that I get a good run at life, I know I don't eat the best nor exercise as much as I should, but I am a happy person and I think that goes a long way. I've heard so many people say that as a diabetic I should do this and not do that, and honestly all of the things people point fingers at diabetics for, NO ONE should do or EVERYONE should do.    Should I eat that brownie because I have diabetes? well, should you eat that brownie because you don't?

I hate that diabetes is not just about checking blood sugar, carb counting and taking insulin - I hate that it is many things like the complications. But, like I said before, if I dwell on it, I will probably bring all the complications on much earlier and faster than if I remain positive and be the person that has gotten me this far.    It's not easy living with diabetes, it's not easy hearing the horror stories, and it isn't easy to stay positive, but you just have to try.


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  1. You have to remember one thing Kayla, it's type 2 diabetes that kills more people than breast cancer and aids combined. Granted juvenile onset (type 1) kills, but because doctors or those who have type 2, don't believe it's a serious as juvenile onset, they aren't as diligent with their care.

    I never heard about anyone dying from being a diabetic until last year. At my new church I learned that a couple lost their daughter because of complications from juvenile onset. I don't know how old she was or when she became a diabetic.

    I've have juvenile onset diabetes since 1965 and I've only been hospitalized once due to my diabetes and that was in 1965. I have no complications, none at all. So no complications are not something that every diabetic has to worry about. I used to worry about going blind, but no longer. I have the best eye doctor and he checks my eyes thoroughly.