Sunday, February 27, 2011

Missing: Meter

The other day at the gym I forgot to bring my lock. So, thinking about what a person might want to take I brought my wallet, iPod and iPhone with me as I worked out and left my bag of clothes and shoes in the locker - thinking who would steal my clothes.

However, I also left my meter in the change room and once I got home I realized that one thing was missing from my bag. Now, it's possible that I lost it from the walk from the gym to my car, but I highly doubt it.

This was incredibly disappointing to me! I really enjoyed the USB meter that I got at slipstream and now someone had taken it thinking it was some kind of MP3 - well surprise to them when they try and plug their headphones into the blood tester, or turn it on and see my most recent blood sugar (hope they feel bad)

Anyways, being as sad as I was I called the gym to let them know and they said they would keep an eye out, I also called Bayer (the maker of the the meter) to let them know about what had happened (you never know). Anyways, the lady on the phone pretty much guaranteed that I would not get a new meter because they are "$100 and Bayer Canada is definitely not giving them away for free - and oh by the way how many times do you check your sugar?" in which I should have responded with, "well now, never because someone STOLE my meter..."

Well to my surprise the next day a Bayer Contour USB meter was delivered to my house via Purlator. I guess Bayer wanted to trick me? or just wanted more of my money through buying their strips....


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