Sunday, February 13, 2011

Challenge Me!

Okay, I cannot believe I am going to attempt this because I know it won't last long; however after watching Oprah's show on Veganism, I am going to attempt it. WHAT? I know, I am going to attempt to not drink milk, eat meat, and all that other stuff that I eat all the time. (Let me just say, I just had a sip of milk as I wrote that statement...)

Anyways, on Oprah they talked about the benefits of going vegan and personally I know that hardly anyone I know is Vegan and are living health lives, but hey, why not give it a shot and see what all this hype is about it. I would hate to 'bash' something without trying it. Please also note that just because Oprah said this, isn't a good enough reason to do this.

My reasons for trying this is because of the benefits it has provided for people. I have researched it and found that a lot of people look at it as a cleansing method - so we will see? Having diabetes should not get in the way of this; however, could it benefit my sugars? We will see. I am also anemic; therefore I will be making sure to take my pills!

Basically you can find the ins and outs about being vegan on the Oprah site:

This is an experiment in my eyes and I am looking for people to join me (Wow, I sound like Oprah!) I will start on Tuesday because I know that people will not want to start on Valentine's day with me. If you are willing to try with me then let me know! We can go through this horrible challenge together!

So, I am looking forward to hopefully seeing results!


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