Monday, February 21, 2011

Blame it on the Diabetes

It is easy to blame things on diabetes. If I have a headache I assume that something is wrong with my sugar, if I have a stomach ache I think my sugar must be high, if I am feeling hyper once again I am off to check my blood sugar.

Everything in your life as a diabetic becomes part of your diabetes. If your child was running around wild throughout the house you wouldn't think - I better check his sugar.. or if you had a headache you wouldn't assume - oh there must be something out of whack with my sugar. These things just happen, yet when you are diabetic you seem to think you have managed your diabetes wrong and now you are suffering the consequences.

We think we know this, we think we have our lives separated from our d-life and our social life. But, there is no divider and believe it not more then likely that headache is from your sugar dropping too fast or rising above normal and that uncontrollable laugher is probably a result of your 19.3 blood sugar.

Normal, regular people don't have to check their sugar at times like these because a. no one is telling them too and b. they don't need to know. For some reason all those little moments that you had when you were 'normal' are different when you are 'diabetic.' Not a moment will ever be the same when you are diabetic - trust me.

Sometimes I look on the bright side of things for times like this - I have access to tools and people that can help me stay healthy and with that I know exactly what my body is like and what it does and I can see patterns - that is something most people can't do.

Even though sometimes when we are laying on the floor holding our stomach, tears in our eyes, laughing at stupid jokes and continue when the stupid jokes stop - we hope that our sugars are not out of whack -they usually are and that is alright! (because it's funny at the time...)


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