Tuesday, February 22, 2011

You Saved My Life!

Sitting in class if you need a pen more than likely your neighbour can lend you theirs, if you standing in line at Tim Hortons and you need a dime, more than likely the person standing behind you will lend you one. However, if you're diabetic and you hear that little low battery beep, who in the world are you going to ask "do you happen to carry triple a batteries to school with you?"

Thankfully when I heard that beep today and looked down at my pump - I had two options to either deal with it and go without a pump for two hours or ask my handy new found diabetic friend Michelle! I contemplated on asking because I didn't want to seem as unprepared as I was for this circumstance, but it turned out the reason she had so many batteries with her was because she was in that situation a couple weeks ago.

So, of course I had to add in the cheesy line, "you saved my life" as I thanked her and thought to myself - how weird is this someone that I can just depend on...(not that I am going to start borrowing/taking all her stuff) but it's a relief to know that there is someone in the room who actually has all the same stuff and knows what it is like. I know that I am definitely willing to let her borrow/take anything from me - we diabetics must stick together!

It was just a good feeling - almost like being back at slipstream! P.s Hank put together an amazing video of slipstream that I want all my readers to check out!


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