Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yes, Fire.

It's official I have registered for the Warrior Dash ( and I am pretty sure that it will be the hardest thing that I have yet to overcome! Not only does the 5k obstacle race of a mud pit under barbed wire - it also has a section that you have to jump through fire...yes, fire.

I have also registered my parents who agreed to sign up (Don't worry I didn't just sign them up without letting them know) I did not give them much time; however, to think about what they were signing up for (like a good saleswomen).

I know that I should probably start training for this race - but I am not too sure how I could do anything different in my regular routine to accommodate for this race. It is not like there are any fire pits in the area that I can start leaping over; however, there is a junkyard down the street that I could practice the "junkyard jam" portion in.

I am really excited about this, like all the other events I sign up for because it allows me to challenge myself. I love that I was introduced to all these different events because it adds a little more spice to my life story. In the future I can tell my grand kids, "Yeah, Grandma did the Warrior Dash.. and she jumped through fire..." It's just that exciting!

It is truly all about getting out and active and having a good time doing it! If you hate gyms and running mindlessly on treadmills that find a fun way to get out and burn those calories and get some fresh air!


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