Monday, February 14, 2011

Grocery List

I printed off the grocery list from Oprah's site and headed off to Zehrs to begin my challenge. Who knew that the first obstacle would be sorting through all the food items to find things that looked a. appetizing and b. within a good price range.

It seemed that either the food looked inedible or was so expensive I couldn't comprehend why. So, in my grocery cart, I added some familiar foods such as trail mix, apples and peppers and some unfamiliar things like almond milk, soy yogurt and steel oats. I couldn't get up the courage to buy any tofu. . . . like I picked it up, and put it back down.

The biggest worry I have is that I may not have bought enough food, but knowing that at any time I could quit I did not really want to buy too much. This may be really good for me since I do not eat as much fruits & vegetables as I should.

For right now I already give vegan people credit because first of all it's an expensive, lonely world and no one really understands. So far the majority of reactions to my experiment is that it is stupid and why am I doing it! And this isn't even a complete overhaul - it's simply just an experiment.

So the food is ready to go and the challenge starts tomorrow and will either end or continue on next Tuesday - we will see.


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