Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tighten Up

At any doctor's appointment or D.E.C appointment you attend you are usually if not always told you need to tighten up your blood sugar or you COULD tighten up your blood sugar. I know that for me, I would easily brush this off because who in the world has time to tighten up their blood sugar. Personally, I juggle school, work (sometimes), homework, and a personal life and I feel like this is pretty common among my diabetic friends.

For awhile hearing the word, "tighten up your blood sugar" made me think of lacing up skates. First of all skates are uncomfortable and sometimes it can be uncomfortable trying to manage your blood sugar because it does not come natural to have to think about your body in those terms (plus it's not natural to walk on blades). When we tighten skates or have our skates tightened for us - we leave no room for movement. The doctors want us to pretty much have no movement in our blood sugars and as all diabetics know that is not impossible.

No matter how hard I try I will never have perfect blood sugars like the Endo's want. I will not be able to tighten my blood sugar to the point of no movement. The fact is that I live with diabetes every single day of my life not just the day I see the doctor.

We can all strive for perfection, but perfection does not mean happiness or success. I personally have been trying to maintain good blood sugars, but I do not expect to never reach the teen's. I know that my body is always changing, I'm always moving and I am living life not by how tight I can make my sugars, but how exciting I can make my life.


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