Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Quit!

Okay, I hate quitting; however, I could not take it anymore - I was so hungry! There comes a point when you know you just need certain foods at certain times and this was the time - I needed food that was not vegan - I just wanted to eat.

So, I made fish and a baked potato and added butter - it trust me I did feel bad for quitting and announced it the entire house, followed by me having a piece of cheese and yelling, "I AM EATING CHEESE!" I was not going to come on here and lie, so I basically let everyone know I had stopped and don't really plan on continuing, BUT I will make myself that yummy spinach salad, eat the same breakfast with the almond milk (until it's gone) and make those good sweet potato fries!

I realize it was short lived, but hey I tried it! Once I let Brian know I quit - he quit as well. Once I told Michelle I quit - she encouraged I go out with a bang and get candy, chocolate the works... so I did....

Even though the food I was preparing was healthy - I did not find it filled me and it did not hold my blood sugars which in turn led to a few lows - which can be rather annoying. I look forward to going to the store and making more creative meals that do involve meat and dairy because that's just my thing!


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