Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Me + Food

This is the second day that I have attempted being vegan and it was once again a success. Even though this is only the second day I miss my dairy and meat including fish. I completely acknowledge and understand people's motives for going vegan and respect that! If anything they deserve a pat on the back for being so aware and motivated!

I am planning on continuing full on 'veganing' until dinner time Friday night. Which I know isn't a full seven days; rather, only 3.5 but I know that going home for the long weekend will not work with this and honestly I have learned so much from this already that I am willing to carry over meals I have enjoyed without meat and dairy to my regular diet.

As far as blood sugars they have been good, but I wouldn't guarantee that, that is in direct relation to no meat or dairy. Of course what I eat reflects my blood sugars, but also what I do reflects it and I have been going to the gym the past two days.

More then ever I have been faced with realizing what I eat is important. It is important in so many ways - when I eat it isn't about making something sitting down and just shoving it in my mouth. I have and ever since being diagnosed have had to think about what I was eating. I had to make calculations in my head and think about whether or not it was going to hold me over for two hours or drop me into a low quicker than I could react. I have had to look beyond the label and figure out whether or not it is good or bad, worth it or not worth it.

Being diabetic makes you look at food as carbs not as apples, oranges, cheesecake or tarts; diabetics see 15 grams, 35 grams, and holy crap, 100 grams.

So, with that, I have to enjoy what I am making to make it worth the calculations and preparation and I think with the idea of veganism in my head - I can make my regular diet work and look good.


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