Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sincerely a Misunderstood Diabetic

At slipstream big papers were laid out on tables all around the Core. The papers each had a label such as food & nutrition, relationships, etc. and with that we could all go around and write down how we felt about each, if we had a question about something or an answer.

One of the ones that stood out to me (although they all did) was the Rants, Raves and Rages page where we could all therapeutically write down the frustrations of being diabetic. Although there were things that went along the lines of hating the actual motions of being diabetic the page was more so about how the public views type 1 diabetics - if they even know what type 1 diabetes is.

Before I begin, I note that we are all ignorant about other diseases that don't directly affect us. However, when you are faced with a disease I think you gain a certain empathy for others that are going through struggles. I feel like the disease we are given is a gift, we then start to plan for a bigger, better life and hope that we can pass on this new found freedom per say to others who are living average lives.

Almost every day of a diabetics life they encounter false labels. "You're not fat?" "You're diabetic! My cat is diabetic!" "Can you have this? It has sugar?" "Oh, you must have really nice skin because you don't eat anything bad!" "Diabetes will kill you." "Why are you eating that?" "I thought only old people had diabetes?" "You I have diabetes, I understand because I have an allergy!"

These statements are said to us all the time, and I know there are like 1000 more, not including the way people look at us in regards to mentioning we have diabetes, seeing our pump or us prick our fingers. We are constantly being judged for something that we had no control over and know that is nothing what anyone gives us credit for.

After realizing that so many diabetics out there are misunderstood and are faced with ignorant question after another and for us to all get together and talk about it and write it down was refreshing.

I am trying to get a movement out there about breaking the labels, stereotypes and overall dumb questions. Hopefully soon you will be able to upload your frustration via video blog to educate those around us, that your cat being diabetics is not similar to me being diabetic.


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