Friday, March 4, 2011

For Life

I often look at my pump, the tube that runs into my stomach, the white site that sticks to my belly and think, "Wow I have to have this for life" and if not the pump the needles, for life. At this moment I wonder how I am dealing with this, how can I accept something for life.

I didn't make the choice to have diabetes, yet I have to have it for life. I think the best way I go about it, is take it one day at a time. Having the pump for one day doesn't seem bad, and then one day turns into a month, then turns into a full year. Instead of thinking, I am going to have this on my Wedding day, I am going to have this when I have kids, I am going to have this when I have my career etc. I think I am going to get by this day.

Diabetes has become a huge part of my life and I really don't go a day without thinking about it - because you can't. I believe many people think that I never stop talking about diabetes, this isn't true, often I don't talk about it, but it is constantly on my mind.

Next weekend, I have had diabetes for two years and I really want to take the next week to reflect and I am looking forward to sharing it with everyone.


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