Friday, March 11, 2011

My Job

In two days it's the big two years. I am no longer an intern in this disease; rather, I am pretty experienced and ready to be considered a professional. On March 13th 2009, I was given the job of Lead Diabetes Specialist and although I was quite new at the position I handled it with dignity and pride.

My colleagues I met almost instantly after attending a meeting hosted by my head corporate chief, Chloe Steepe. She talked about all these other interns & professionals she knew and I knew instantly I was ready to take on the tasks that were about to be handed down to me.

I guess the job is a little crazy, the hours are ridiculous - who wants to work 24/7; however, the rewards are outstanding. I am given amazing opportunities, experiences and adventures that I don't think I would have been introduced to if I hadn't gotten the job in the first place.

Unlike any other job I can't think of anyone that makes me mad, you know that one person that does nothing or always call in sick and therefore you have to work? Nope, none of that! Every time I am around my colleagues they are ready to get down and dirty or follow the slipstream. What a great team!

The job is pretty selective - at least for now it is. So despite know one really applying for it, I am pretty lucky that I was given it. After all - it seems to have given me a lot more than I could have ever imagined.

Although there are no vacations or paid sick days, this job comes with benefits!


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