Monday, March 7, 2011

So what!

When I think back to life before diabetes, I can hardly remember what it felt like. I lived 18 years of my life eating whatever I wanted and doing whatever I wanted, yet I can hardly remember those days of feeling so care free. But, when I think of it, when are we ever so care free and not thinking about what we eat?

In class we are talking about eating disorders and other mental illness that are linked to it. Things like OCD and depression. We talked about how people with eating disorders are very much compulsive about what they eat and how much, counting calories and weighing their food, but hey! That's my life besides the whole anorexic & bulimia part...

I don't count calories, but I do count carbs, and I do it so often that I know off the top of my head how many carbs are in an apple, handful of chips and a cup of juice. I clearly know this isn't an eating disorder because it's a part of my life.

What is comes down to is I don't remember being carefree before diabetes because no one really is carefree about what they eat. So many people say to me, oh it must be hard not to eat candy or chocolate, but I can eat those things just as much as anyone else. Anyone can enjoy a slab of chocolate cake, but of course for anyone there are consequences whether that's because your allergic, your watching your weight or your diabetic. We all make choices about our food based on our personal belief of what that food might do to us.

When we are children we aren't counting carbs or measuring our food (unless we are diabetic children) we are eating lollipops by the dozen and taking regular trips to the candy store. But, there reaches a certain point when we suddenly want to know what we are eating and want to control how much.

As much as people like to say how hard it is for diabetics to choose what and what not to eat - it's really only a matter of personal beliefs and preferences. I am sure there are some hardcore people out there that are 10x more healthy and aware of their food than I am. Oh no! But I am diabetic! SO WHAT.

Just because I am diabetic doesn't make me healthier than anyone else because trust me I am eating those very things that you have labeled 'non-diabetic friendly.' I know how to handle these foods as far as insulin dosage and I am prepared to handle the ..."Opps! Guess that had more carbs than I thought!" moment.

Either way diabetics everywhere are eating brownies, drinking regular pop and refilling their plates with Chinese Food. It isn't our broken pancreas' that limit us it's our own minds. Everyone takes caution when eating and every now and then we splurge and take another bite - it's everyone's issue not just diabetics.


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  1. I think most people don't realize that sometimes as a diabetic I *have to* pig out too! After a good bike ride, I often devour a pile of carbs and can still have lows all night.