Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Goodnight Pump!

To anyone that is looking at getting a pump, the main con that I present them with is the fact that you have to sleep with the thing! It has to be one of the weirdest things to sleep with because no matter where you roll when you are sleeping, chances are that you are going to roll onto it. For me, I have tried various ways of dealing with this issue and I go through little phases of how I prefer to sleep with my pump.

When I was first diagnosed, Mitch who also has a pump told me to let the pump roam while I sleep - as in don't clip it on or put it in your pockets. That first night was horrible because I had the pump wrapped around my body. I started using my clip and clipped it to the top of my bottoms to prevent it from roaming around the bed and tying me up. I got so used to wearing it on a clip that in my sleep I would slide my pump back and forth as I rolled around.

Soon, I was putting my pump in my pocket - mainly because my small clip broke and I only had a ginormous big one that made my bottoms well, fall down. Putting it in my pocket was a little annoying because once you rolled on the side the pump was in it really hurt your leg and my technique of moving the pump in my sleep became difficult because I had to take the pump out of the right pocket and put it in the left and so on.

Lately I have been trying the roam thing again and it starts with being in my pocket. Basically it roams and anytime I feel a pull I just reach back and bring my pump over to my side. No matter what technique sleeping with the pump isn't going to be comfortable, but I do get good nights filled with sleep - so it's not THAT bad.

I have heard of several techniques including putting it under the pillow as you sleep - but something about that screams strangling hazard to me!


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