Friday, March 18, 2011

Not One Thing

As children we are brought up to be just one thing. We are asked, "What do you want to be?" and we usually respond with, "A mom!" "A Princess" "A Firefighter" or "The Tooth Fairy!" We don't decide that we are going to be a mom and a princess or a tooth fairy that also fights fire. We simply just choose one thing. This mentality doesn't really change - we find ourselves picking courses in high school beyond the standardized ones that we think will help us figure out what we want to be. We are thrown off when we realize we are good at English, but really enjoy baking. We can never just choose one, yet we feel obliged too.

Soon we move to college, maybe University and get into a program that will lead us to what we decided we want to be and if it gets us there that's good, but we might change our minds and pick another path. But, has anyone really figured out that we can be many things not just one?

In the past two years - writing has been therapy for me and it has really helped me figure out just who I am. Mixed with many things I have discovered that I am more than what I have desired to be - a teacher. I can and will be so many different things because I am good at several things not just one. So is everyone else - we are all so talented at various things like the clerk that bags your groceries who draws incredible portraits or the CEO that plays the piano. We are all multi-talented and not meant to be just one thing.


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