Sunday, March 27, 2011

Experience Behind My Belt

This Wednesday I will be running a booth with the help of two fellow Slipstreamers, Kirsten and Jenn R. I am really looking forward to this because unlike two years ago when I was sitting in the chairs listening to people talk about diabetes - just being diagnosed. I have my own booth to talk about my experiences with diabetes and Connected in Motion.

It's amazing how things can change is such little time. It blows my mind with all that I have gone through and accomplished. I have endless amounts of experience behind my belt now and now it's time to start sharing those experiences with other diabetics that are the very spot that I was in two years ago.

I love making change, and if I could meet every diabetic in the world and share with them my experiences and inspirations - I would. There is nothing in the world that I love more than helping other people and I cannot wait for my life to unfold and more opportunities to arise.


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