Thursday, March 10, 2011

10 things I hate about Diabetes.

There are plenty of good things that diabetes has given me; however there are also plenty of annoying things I want to give back.

1. I want to give back having to change my site every three days or so, because despite it being only a fraction of time and I know I waste more time checking Facebook then changing sites - I don't like it!

2. Having to check my sugar every single time I eat! Come on! Like can't a woman just pick something out of the cupboard and eat it without having to check where her sugar's at!

3. Counting carbs, oh god. I don't know if anyone has ever seen the commercial with the girl doing a bunch of calculations in her head at the grocery store for a box of cereal.. well that's me on a daily basis just thinking of numbers and adding them.

4. Highs and Lows! Although sometimes these can be entertaining to others they aren't entertaining to me unless it's when I can't stop laughing - sometimes that little fit is funny. Anyways! I'd like to just be at a normal range forever - but of course that will never happen.

5. Endocrinologist appointments! The dreadful visit to the doctor to get told you need to tighten your blood sugar and you suck at managing a disease that they have never managed themselves!

6. All the stuff I have to carry around or at least I am supposed to carry around! I never thought that I would be that kid with the backpack full of medication & supplies.

7. Giving insulin! I know I am on a pump - but it's like checking my sugar - sometimes I just want to eat and pretend I can just eat this without doing a single thing. I feel like a robot.

8. Stupid pump, why do you always get in the way. You are a pain in the butt to sleep with and you always fall off my hip and swing into oncoming objects. I don't know how many times I said, "OH MY PUMP!" or felt smack against my knee and realized it was my dangling pancreas ready to escape.

9. I don't know if this is a true fact, but from slipstream it seems like a lot of people feel this way. I AM ALWAYS HUNGRY. No matter what I eat, I usually can eat more and more and more after. If this is part of being diabetic, then fine, if it isn't don't tell me... I'd rather believe it is.

10. Finally, diabetes is scary because there are so many complications and risks involved. People like to tell me about all the bad things that happened to people that had diabetes and I cannot erase that from my mind. I am constantly checking my toes making sure they are all there, and looking at my eyes in the mirror.

Diabetes is scary as much as I like to say I am happy I got it... clearly it's not the best thing in the world; however, it introduced me to the best people in the world, the best opportunities in the world and the best mind set in the world.

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