Monday, March 28, 2011

I am Diabetic

Recently there was a poll on Facebook presumably started by a diabetic asking whether diabetics preferred to be called, "Diabetics" or "People with Diabetes" this really made me think because I just automatically call myself a diabetic. The issue isn't really as deep as it seems; however, many can contemplate on whether or not they feel that diabetes is a part of them or well, all of them.

We say things all the time that reflect the same kind of logic, I am a person who graduated from Fanshawe or I am a graduate of Fanshawe or I am a sister of Abby or I am a Sister. These are labels that we place on ourselves without thinking. These things are what makes us who we are and usually they come with time, I wasn't a 'Sister' until Abby was born etc.

Two years ago I was given the label diabetic and mainly that label was given to me by myself. Many doctor's just say, "This Patient has diabetes" but the majority of diabetics simply just call themselves by the label. Diabetes isn't just something we have, it is something we live.

148 people in the poll so far have said that they prefer to be called diabetic while 108 prefer to be called a person with diabetes. So, I guess there isn't really an outstanding number of people who feel that they prefer to be called, diabetic. For me, diabetic is all of me, it makes me who I am of course like mentioned before I am many other things as well.

Diabetes is a huge part of my life, it isn't a pill a take every single day and not worry about. It isn't something that I can go a day without thinking about or handling. Diabetes is a part of me and I am a diabetic.


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