Thursday, March 31, 2011

Breaking the Routine

How boring would it be to live life in routine? To never take chances or opportunities? Living life without laughter, fun or excitement would be a life wasted. Diabetes has shown me just how great life can be.

Either way I have to poke my finger, test my blood sugar, give myself injections via pump or pen and count carbs. There is no getting out of that routine no matter how hard I try to prolong my site or delay my 2 hour blood checks after meals. Either way I am a twenty year old female living with diabetes - that was me yesterday, today and tomorrow.

So why not make diabetes more fun? Why just sit around and go through your daily diabetes routine without making the ride at least enjoyable. That has been my mission since literally day one - you can see from the very first note that I wrote I was determined to make diabetes fun and exciting.

In the past two years I have been given some amazing opportunities that everyone knows I didn't dare turn down. Last night I headed to the diabetes symposium to help run a booth for Connected in Motion. The only other booth I had run before was when I was raising money for Team KK in the halls of Fanshawe, so this was a great opportunity. I love talking to other diabetics and their families about diabetes and if I could run booths every single day I would!

In the past two years I have found a love for sharing my story with others and helping them find the path that I am travelling on because diabetes doesn't have to suck. With time, I really hope that I get more chances to speak about my life with diabetes, I believe in myself, so I know this time will come.

While at the booth I met a lot people that seemed unsure of the whole idea of being around other diabetics. In many ways I just wanted to take them out to event right away and show them how fun it can truly be and how much you can truly learn from one diabetic to another.


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