Wednesday, March 31, 2010


It was great to see how many people were in support of JDRF yesterday at Fanshawe. I know that most college students are barely getting by financially, yet many had at least a quarter to donate in support of Juvenile Diabetes.

In total yesterday Justine and I raised $64.00, which to me is amazing! If we hadn't found such an outlet this money would not have been made. In the process of collecting money, I met a few diabetics as well as a few family members of type 1's. It's great to know that diabetics are also getting involved since it is so easy to stick to the routine and not think about ways to break away or make change.

I know, since I put so much work into this table that any outcome at all shows that my time was worth while. I enjoyed making the posters with Clinton, so I really don't think of it as a waste of time by any means.

We have 3 Tuesdays left before the end of the semester and I am looking forward to seeing the end result!

I want to thank Justine Peltz for being such a great supporter and helping me run this table. Thank you!


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