Thursday, March 18, 2010

One Big Worry

I've made it through one of the most hectic weeks yet of college. I am home one day early because I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow; however, I have had to cram two weeks into four days so I don't mind the day off.

This week seemed like task after task. Whether it was writing an essay, doing an assignment or doing a midterm, either way I had my hands full of chores. My sugars have not been cooperative this week and I believe it is due to this crazy schedule. I have been rather higher than usual yet eating the same things.

I often think whether or not this would be easier without diabetes. Of course it would be one less thing to worry about but I know on the other hand I may not be where I am without diabetes.

I lived almost nineteen years diabetes free. Pretty much lived without a health concern or in fact any concern at all. I didn't worry about what I was really eating and I didn't even think about the chance of fainting, getting dizzy or feeling sick. However, as a teenager I did have worries like everyone does.

The things I worried about was what to wear and looking good, stupid problems that I still worry about every now and then but don't stress over. With diabetes I have learned that those problems are minor and of course every now and then I am going to pull out every single shirt that I have but in the end there are much bigger issues out there.

I never had to worry about diabetes and school. This entire college experience was new to me this year and matched with diabetes I have learned so many more lessons beyond psychology, sociology and English.

I will never know what it is like to do college without diabetes but I can't guarantee myself that if I didn't have diabetes that I would even be where I am today or doing as well as I am doing. Diabetes gives me strength and courage unlike no other worry I have had before.

Even though diabetes is one big worry it's a bunch of other things and that's why I am the person I am today.


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