Saturday, March 13, 2010

One Year Later

Here I am a year later after being diagnosed. I would have never guessed I'd be where I am today, and I definitely would have never imagined what I would have accomplished in 365 days. It's visible in my scrapbook that I've made good progress with my diabetes but beyond that it's visible how much closer I have become with my friends and family.

A year ago I was not who I am now. Sure I looked relatively the same but I was just not in the same place. 2190 finger pokes and 1463 needles later and I am doing alright but better yet I've become mature, adventurous, fearless and inspired. The list of adjectives could go on forever.

It hasn't been quiet a year for the blog, not until March 16th, however I can't believe how many notes I have managed to write. I am happy that I have been able to help so many different people diabetic or not. Please if you're reading this know that I appreciate your dedication and support whether I know you're reading it or not I am glad that I can share my story with you.

Diabetes is not just a disease it's a journey. I am never going to give up this fight and when it is cured I will be thankful of the learning experience that I have gained from it. I am looking forward to the blog that announces that I, along with 300, 000 other type 1's are cured.

I have had ups and downs like no one can believe. I have cried tears of pain and sadness but I have also smiled more than ever before. I have experienced friendship bonds that can never be broken and also have felt alone. Diabetes has brought me along a journey unlike no other but I would never change a thing.

To anyone that knows me, they know I embrace diabetes. Just like we proudly state, I AM CANADIAN, I will gladly let you know I AM DIABETIC. I have used my disease in a way to teach lessons but not only to teach lessons to others but to teach myself to be a better person.

Diabetes isn't for everyone, that could explain why not everyone gets it. But diabetics work with what they're given and make the most of it, and for those who don't I can only hope to reach them in time. Life is precious.

It's been a crazy year and I couldn't have done it without the amazing people that have supported me. Every single one of you.

This coming year I am going to live a little more, push myself a little harder and I can only hope but to inspire a more people. I will never give up. Never.


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