Monday, March 22, 2010

Make Change

After joining various diabetic groups on Facebook I have come to realize that there are a lot of diabetics out there that need support more than anything. I feel like a lot of diabetics are confused and not okay with their disease.

One diabetic guy that I met said that he was going to have to start reading from the start of my blogs because there was no way that I was this positive about diabetes from the start. I had to tell him that unfortunately if he was looking for negative blogs they would be rare.

I realize that everyone takes things differently and honestly I cannot tell you why or how I have maintained being so positive about diabetes. I do have bad days but so does everyone else but there is never a constant time period where I just give up or complain about my diabetes.

It's important to me to get across the message that diabetes is hard but manageable and with diabetes comes a lot more lessons than living a regular life. There are so many things to be learned when dealing with diabetes and at times it can be overwhelming but in the end you have so much life experience and knowledge to make change.

I really wish that those living with diabetes are able to find the support that is needed. Of course there are days where I say, "Diabetes sucks!" but in the end I cannot let that mentality take over me.

It is and has been my mission to make sure I can reach out to as many diabetics as possible. I want them to know that support is there and diabetes is manageable. This is my dream and I will do everything in my power to make change.


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