Friday, March 26, 2010

Good Days

You know those days when you just feel lucky, you may wake up and think this is going to be a good day or something occurs early in the day that makes you believe it will be a great day. Sometimes I have days like this but ultimately I wonder why we don't feel like this every day.

When you think about it; each day is a new day. We can't go back to tomorrow but we can easily make today a lucky or great day. I am lucky to be healthy, in college and have amazing support, many people don't have either one of these things.

I know we easily sink into bad days the first time something goes wrong but I am trying hard to get rid of those bad days. It's okay to be upset or get mad but I want to be able to realize just how lucky I am and it is not worth the upset.

I'll admit sometimes diabetes gets the best of me. I get frustrated and angry about having to deal with this extra baggage that I definitely didn't ask for. It's not fair for anyone to get a disease that they could not prevent. It is not fair that I have a million other things to think about and on top of that I have to be careful of a million other plus things. But what use is it to rant about why it's not fair.

If I spend the days wondering why I was given diabetes I could drive myself nuts. If we spend hours punishing ourselves for doing poorly on a test or spends weeks mad at our friends we are simply missing out on the days that we only get once.

I am not saying that from now on I won't 'waste' time away boggling my mind on stupid arguments but I am going to try hard to eliminate this unnecessary stress on my life.


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