Friday, March 19, 2010

Learning about Pumpin'

Today I had an appointment at the diabetes education clinic in Brantford! I was excited to go to my appointment because I hadn't been in a very long time. To me, having such a great support system there is important and makes it a lot easier to share any problems are issues that I am having in comfort.

Today we mostly talked about the pump since I have made a choice to start insulin pump therapy this summer. My therapy starts in June and my nurse says that I may be well on my way by the end of June! I am really excited to go through this experience and be able to share it with everyone since I know going on the pump is a really big challenge.

For anyone who has no idea what an insulin pump is, I can briefly explain. The insulin pump is a small device that is around the size of a pager or a little bit bigger. The pump is worn outside of the body so there isn't any surgical procedure or anything of that nature. Basically the pump delivers insulin through a plastic tube. You have to insert the plastic tube yourself in a site like your stomach or butt. The site can be the same for about 2-3 days and then you have to change sites. The pump mimics the pancreas by giving you insulin constantly and precisely.

I hope I explained it throughly! Considering I really don't know everything about it. I did get to put a site into a fake stomach today, so I can say that I have put one in, but not on myself yet!

Soon enough I'll be pumpin! I just can't wait!


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