Friday, March 5, 2010

Brant News

Yesterday I was featured in Brant News. It was an amazing opportunity to let the rest of Brantford know what I am up too .

With only a week and one day left before the anniversary of my diagnosis it was a great way to finish my first year of diabetes. With countless amounts of personal achievements I am happy with the way the year has past by.

The title in Brant News was, "Living Life to the Fullest," and personally I couldn't have named it better myself. This is more than just diabetes this is a complete lifestyle. I am truly dedicated to working with this disease not against it and with that comes dedication to my future, friends and family.

There are people out there living with diabetes that believe there is no support. There are people that believe that they are the only ones. I want to be there for them all to show that there is support and you're not alone.

Thank you to Brant News for giving me the opportunity to share my story and thank you to all the readers that have given me strength and motivation.


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