Thursday, March 11, 2010


A year today I didn't know what the future held for me. I didn't know how much my life was about to twist and turn. If we were to go back to March 11th 2009, two days previous to being diagnosed I was in a much different place, physically and mentally.

I was absolutely clueless. Clueless! I hadn't even gone for blood work at this point yet I was drinking litres of liquids and visiting the washroom almost every half hour. Not everyone was clueless however at this point. My mom had an idea and I am sure she was just waiting for the day that I'd be diagnosed at this point.

In two days I will celebrate my one year anniversary of being diagnosed. Anyone who knows me knows that I wouldn't let this day go down without a little bit of a celebration. What am I celebrating you may be questioning? I am celebrating happiness, health and achievement.

I am happy with all of the amazing people that I have met thus far and my blogs have made it that much easier to connect with diabetics all around the world!

A year ago today I was clueless that soon I'd be a diabetic. But today I am very aware and living every moment of it with strength and inspiration.



  1. July 4 will be my 2 year anniversary...its good to know that such an inconvienent thing as diabetes helps us to realize that life is meant to be lived, not wasted by monotony...

    M. Del Real

  2. Hi, like the blog. My daughter who is 8 has type 1. she was diagnosed 2 years ago. It is great to stay positive and enjoy every min of your life.
    keep up the good work.