Tuesday, March 2, 2010

One Touch

Thanks to One Touch it's pretty easy to collect all of their mini meters. Reason being is that they come in so many different colours and who doesn't want to have one in every colour. I don't remember if I have told the story about my ideal pink meter but I will tell it now: Just before being diagnosed I saw one of those One Touch Ultra Mini commercials, the one with all the different colours swirling around. For some odd reason I said that I would get a pink one if I ever had diabetes. Strangely enough it wasn't too long after that, that I was diagnosed and guess what? I got a pink one.

Since I have managed to collect a pink, green and purple one it's okay when I forget one somewhere as long as they are not all left in one place. On Sunday Clinton and I went skating and I packed my meter in with my skates, unfortunately after skating I decided to leave my skates at Clinton's house which means that I also left my meter there.

Okay, so I did remember I left it as I reached the end of his street but I knew that he went inside to bed and I knew that I had one back at home. Conveniently enough I had not only my pink meter at home but also my Nano (which I find too technical to use for some reason) so in the end I wasn't too worried about lack of equipment.

One thing about being diabetic is that you must always have back ups. Extra needles in your purse, a second pack of strips and in my case many meters in different colours.


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