Friday, November 13, 2009


Friday the 13th.

If you're superstitious you probably are being extra cautious today, maybe you're not even going out at all. For me, I am debating whether or not Friday the 13th is lucky or unlucky for me and honestly I wasn't really looking forward to today.

The last Friday the 13th we had, was in March. Which means, that the last Friday the 13th we had I was hospitalized for a blood sugar of 24. This lead to me being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes that day as well.

So the obvious conclusion would be Friday the 13th are unlucky for me. I always said that. I always would tell people, "I was diagnosed March 13th.. it was Friday the 13th." People would act scared and say how creepy it was but I started to think last night about it possibly being a lucky day for me.

It wasn't like I was in a coma that day. I wasn't really sick or close to my death bed. In fact I felt great that day, and I was pretty giddy sitting upright in my hospital bed. If it wasn't for the doctors and blood work I would have had a pretty basic Friday the 13th, but if I kept going on and on without getting help those first options could have been very much real.

Could Friday the 13th be the day I was saved? Did I get diagnosed at the perfect time before it all started to hit me? How much weight could I have went on losing without seeking help. It makes me wonder, just how lucky Friday the 13th is.

I think that the stigma around the day is strange. Why people from all different places know that it's a haunted day yet most of us carry on with our lives. I am sure there are many other days of the year that cause people bad fortune and sadness.

But I don't think my Friday the 13th is bad anymore. After realizing what diabetes has brought me, so much good rather than bad. I seem to believe that today will be a good day. If I am positive like I was in the hospital this very same day exactly 8 months ago, than I can proceed through the day without the haunting number 13 following me around.

Diabetes is in no way unlucky to me and neither will be the day I was diagnosed.


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