Thursday, November 19, 2009

Extra Baggage

You truly know how different you are when you’re trying to arrange your belongings in a clutch, having to make room for not only your wallet, lip gloss and cell phone but also your meter, needles and a snack. I think it can be a little stressful, and it shouldn't be.

I have found a way to fit all my stuff in the smallest of clutches. I have learned that bringing a chocolate bar as an emergency snack at a bar isn’t the best idea, it melts. I have also learned that no matter where I go I have to be in tune with my diabetes because it’s not going to give me a night off.

Last night, I went to the bar with ten other girls. I let my two roommates know that I had candy in my purse and asked them to please insist I have something to eat if I began acting weird. The biggest question was, “how do I know you’re not just drunk?” and unfortunately all I could say is, you will just know. In hopes that they would just know, I had my own responsibility to uphold. I know when I am low and I know when I am high, in most cases. I need to be aware.

I recall checking my sugar in the bar. Someone said, “ew!” another said, “what is that thing!” I found it amusing that people had no idea. It’s not their fault. I hope that I possibly allowed them to realize what diabetes was about. That people with disease don’t hide away from the world. We live it up.

It was funny when someone said, “What does 14.4 mean?” and I laughed and said, “bad news...” I quickly said my sugar is high but it’s okay because the alcohol will lower my blood sugar.

Although it felt a little hectic knowing I had to carry a little more baggage than the rest of the girls, I had a great time, and like everything I do, I learned from it.


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