Friday, November 20, 2009

One Less

This morning, I didn't feel hungry. It can be hard sometimes, when you're not hungry but diabetes insists you eat. This morning it worked in my favour, my sugar was a bit higher than average, 9, so I managed to pull off eating 24g of carbs yogurt until lunch. This meant one less needle for the day. Of course this rarely happens, and most mornings I rush to the kitchen to get breakfast, but there has been times on occasion where I get to skip the insulin.

It's funny to think that I used to be able to eat without taking any needles at all. It's strange that, that was only 8 months ago. Now, I feel weird if I don't have to take a needle. I often find myself envying those who can eat whenever they want and eat whatever they want.

I am surrounded by people who just dig in, as I get out my equipment. If only it was easier, if only diabetes would allow a couple days off even just one less needle.


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