Sunday, November 22, 2009


I don't know what it is, but my blood sugars have been normal for the past week. Knock on wood. I have been amazed with myself, not going over 10 for over a week now. What could it be?

There are a few different reasons that I can think of. First of all I have been trying to eat a little better even though it's really hard right now to have good proportions in college. Another reason this may be happening is because I increased my Lantus, long lasting insulin. I have nearly doubled units since being diagnosed but I think that was expected. Another reason could be the ginseng! I have read studies that ginseng reduces blood sugars, but supposedly they have only done studies for type 2's. I wasn't even aware I consuming ginseng until Clinton pointed out "More Ginseng & Caffeine" on my Diet Pepsi bottle. I have been drinking it a lot and for some reason since then my sugars have been pretty good. I had my lowest bed time blood sugar, 5.0, I have ever had last night. But of course this could just be something I factored in that has nothing to do with my diabetes, but who knows?

I am just happy that my blood sugars are in check, especially as the term is winding down and my schedule is becoming increasingly busy. The most important thing for me is to reduce my stress as much as possible because I know for a fact that causes my sugars to go crazy.

As long as I have the great support that I have had all along I can maintain my healthy lifestyle. Anyone can!


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