Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I read an article today titled, "Are Artificial Sweeteners Really Safe?" It seems that, that would relate to me because anytime I am given a, "No Sugar Added" treat the nutrition guide is bombarded by words like Sucralose and Aspartame which are in fact artificial sweeteners that are currently proven safe.

I rarely eat treats of this nature but I must say Diet Coke is my drink of choice. Not that I'm drinking cans and cans a day but I do tend to drink maybe one a day or at least 5 out of 7 days. It seems like I rather drink something that doesn't raise my blood sugars like milk would or juice. Plus diet pop is really easy to just grab and go.

I am sure a lot of people are this way, diabetic or not. But of course, people claim bad effects about drinking diet pop and using artificial sweeteners. What's a diabetic to do?

I try to avoid these products, since they do tend to my stomach hurt, not diet coke but the chocolates and hard candies. It's clearly not 'good' for you considering the symptoms I get when I eat such products but it makes me wonder, when will they make something safe for diabetics to enjoy?

Okay, so I realize I should be eating healthy and having a real chocolate bar is fine as long as I take insulin. But I can't wait for them to create a product, a snack that diabetics can eat without any worry. That will be the day.

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  1. I eat regular sugar over artificial ones... they give me headaches :(.. which sucks, but oh well...

    Anyways Kayla, do you want to have dinner next Tuesday night? I have a nutrition course at the college until 8:30, but we could get something at oasis or something after?

    Send me an e-mail...